Apprenticeship and Business Launch Programs for Equine-Guided Learning

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  • Apprenticeship Program - become a professional - learn from the best!
  • Business Lauch Program - accelerate your ability to start earning an income

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  • Awaken Your Inner Champion - Increase your productivity and lower stress by shifting the way you talk to yourself.
  • Basic Coaching Skills for Equine Guided practitioners - COMING SOON!


Apprenticeship Program - Become a Professional with Us

With the horse as teacher and guide you gain presence, awareness of self and awareness of how you impact others.  Learn how to deliver horse guided sessions with intuition, professionalism, confidence and deep connection to the horse.   Learn from the best while going at your own pace in this program that is specifically designed to meet your needs.  

If you are a trained Equine Guided professional struggling to get more business see our Business Launch Program below.

How to Deliver Exceptional Equine-guided Workshops - 3-Day Lab

Take the mystery out of putting on extraordinary equine-guided programs. 

Join us for a comprehensive 3-day intensive training for professional and aspiring Equine-Guided Educators.  Learn the ins and outs of designing  and delivering a workshop - from sales to deliver to follow-up.  There is no other workshop like this for Equine-guided practitioners.   Click HERE for more information. 

With the WHC apprenticeship program you get a self-directed, individualized program that delivers the following:

  1. Over 24 hours of individual 1-1 coaching (12 hours with the horses), including 8 hours of supervision where you practice with your own clients
  2. 3-day workshop ($695 value included in the price of the program) where you learn to facilitate and deliver equine-guided workshops.
  3. Unlimited opportunities to assist at workshops
  4. Exposure to and experience with other trainers of this work to help you define YOUR unique approach and client niche.
  5. Structure of support for many other learning opportunities (reading, web searches, questions, networking, coaching, horse skills and more)
  6. Three community gatherings to bring you together with other apprentices and celebrate your learning.
  7. The benefit of learning from TWO leading equine-guided coaches and educators Lynn Baskfield and Ann Romberg


In the Wisdom Horse customized Apprenticeship program I created the support I needed to develop practical and spiritual horse sense, participated in real-time corporate and personal coaching sessions and developed a skill set that has served me in creating life changing workshops and rich one-on-one client work.  Ann and Lynn are excellent coaches and horsewomen whose commitment and expertise in this work is making a huge difference in the world. Thank you, both!"

- Monique Morimoto Flaherty - 2010 Graduate,  Soulworks Coaching


The results are much like taking a self-designed, self-study program at a University vs. taking a prescribed course of study

Apprenticeships are individualized to meet your needs. They build on your existing professional training and horse experience and create new learning opportunities in the competencies you need training in. The learning takes place within a coaching structure, uses experiential learning methods and utilizes additional outside training and development.

Competencies you will gain:

Human skills–Coaching skills (certification or strong experience) and facilitation skills are a must for this work along with an understanding of body language.  People with teaching, OD or psychotherapy backgrounds come with strong skills which are easily augmented with a coach training. Others can choose from a variety of accredited coach training courses to gain sufficient competency in this area.

Horse/human skills – The ability to facilitate learning by cross-referencing what you see in the horses with what you observe in the client; from there providing an open-ended, solution-focused framework for learning.  

Horse skills– Strong foundation of horse experience (in other words, the ability to anticipate and handle strong reactions from horses, respond to subtle responses from horses, and maintain safety for participants.)  If you have little horse experience when you enroll, you will acquire more in the first two-thirds of your program.  You will also learn how to partner with a horse professional to provide a balance of skills.

Because most people are light in one or two areas of competence, we design the program based on what YOU need to learn.  We co-design the program with you, provide ongoing coaching to keep you on track and provide other support as needed.  You assist us at workshops and we supervise your initial work with clients.  In addition, at additional expense, you get direct training from other sources (e.g. Coaches Training Institute, Strozzi Ranch, EAGALA, horsemanship classes, reading books, web site design classes, etc.) which you will integrate into your apprenticeship.

We also help you get clear about your business niche, how you want to serve people with this work and who you want to serve. Those who come in with strong core skills may want to focus on building their practices during one of their phases.

Thank you both for the opportunity that you shared with me in becoming an Equine Guided Educator.   This experience has brought me a wealth of knowledge, information and skills that I did not have a year ago.  My life has been enriched in many ways through both of you and especially the horses!

Michael Palosaari -  2011 Graduate

When you can start and cost

Our year long programs begin February 1, June 1 or October 1 of each year and consist of  three phases of four months each.  The cost is $6000. 
Call (612) 823-7022 or EMAIL to discuss your needs and how our program can work for you.

Other Good Things to Know

  • Our apprentices come from all over. To accommodate those who must travel from other states or other parts of the world, we include one or two intensives during each of their apprenticeship phases. In this way, they can combine their assisting agreement with two or three sessions of equine-guided coaching while they are here and make the most of their travels.
  • We include a 3-day Deliver Exceptional Equine Guided Workshops in your summer phase. Our apprentices and others  come together to help design and deliver an equine-guided team building workshop for a the staff of a small business. We spend Day 1 designing the workshop, Day 2 delivering it, and Day 3 processing what we learned.
  • We also encourage our apprentices to build community among themselves as there's nothing more inspiring than connecting with others who share your passion. 



I am grateful for my apprenticeship with you, for that experience and healing, and for it leading me to this place. Your belief in me has helped me so much.

-Beth Peterson -  2005 Graduate - Ground Spring Coaching

"As I wrap up my apprenticeship, I want to tell the two of you how much I value what you've offered me.  This has been a long and incredibly meaningful journey together.  Thank you for your time, your compassion and your mentorship.  I will always  treasure this experience. " 

- Nora Morbeck,  Marietta, Georgia  2008 graduate (photo at left)


Business Launch Program

Don't know how to get started?

You have solid training in this field and you LOVE working with horses in this way, but how do you build a solid business, attract customers and run a business?   Getting started is slow and painful.   It often means reinventing the wheel.   You don't want to do that!

If you aren't yet trained as a professional Equine Guided Educator see our Apprenticeship Program above





Dramatically accelerate your ability to start earning an income with tried and true processes and forms, sound business planning PLUS a coaching structure of support and mentoring

What if you received coaching and mentoring from the best in the business AND their tools and approaches to being successful?

Our Vision:
Wisdom Horse Coaching is an established and well-known business.   We are a stand for bringing:

  • High quality equine guided coaching and education to the world
  • Heart and soul into the workplace and world

We do this through life and executive coaching, teaching others to do this work and, most of all, partnering with horses as guides to learning.   

Purpose of the Business Launch Program:  
The Business Launch Program is intended to jump-start YOUR equine guided business by providing a base of knowledge, tools and support for those who already are trained Equine Guided Educators.  Our goal is for you to move into getting paid work doing equine guided education - FAST! 

Benefits to YOU:
When you enroll in our Business Launch Program you:

  1. Leverage an established well-known business name and ongoing PR to jump start your equine guided business.
  2. Receive coaching support, mentoring and accelerated learning from established, knowledgeable, full integrity teachers
  3. Attend community gatherings and special trainings to provide new ideas and resources for your business.
  4. Have access to resources and tools such as:
  • Current liability releases for MN and WI (Created and updated by a well-known equine lawyer)
  • Over 30 Documents and forms to support your business planning, client work and your marketing and selling process
  • Opportunities to work with WHC as a paid facilitator
  • Access to apprentices and others willing to do voluntary assisting


The Wisdom Horse Business Launch program is one of the best investments I have made in myself both professionally and personally. The framework provided sound templates, processes and resources for me to start doing business immediately.   Lynn and Ann provide solid coaching and business consulting for this unique field. 

Cathy Buelow - 2010.  See her business  Horse Play


Who is it for?
The Business Launch program is for those who have completed our Apprenticeship Program OR those who already have very strong coaching, horse skills and horse-human coaching skills (how to coach partnering with horses).  We look for people with similar values, commitment to bringing heart and soul into the world, and bringing the voice of the horse to the world.   To be accepted into the program, we need to observe you coaching with horses and assess that you are at a level to move forward with Business Launch.

Program outline:
Six Month Program
This program is design to be completed in 6 months.  However, the following services are available to you for a full year (e.g. numbers 6 and 7).  

  1. Free attendance at our 3-day Deliver Exceptional Equine Guided Workshops course.   For those who choose to join Business Launch  after this training program (and subject to acceptance by Wisdom Horse Coaching) – the cost of this workshop will be applied to the Business Launch program fee.
  2. Receive Wisdom Horse Coaching Business Procedure Manual (with CD of forms, templates and other documents) and WHC Equine-Guided Coaching Manual.  
  3. Receive 8 hours of mentoring or coaching (business planning, marketing planning, feedback on agenda design, issues you’ve run into, additional observation, etc.).
  4. Be observed doing 4 individual coaching sessions or doing a group workshop.   This hands-on training will propel you into using the knowledge and skills you have been developing to do this work.
  5. Regular access to Ann and Lynn for questions and support.
  6. Attend an every other month group coaching tele-call (inspiration from other’s stories, group coaching and feedback). If there is not sufficient enrollment (at least 3 people), we will substitute ½ hour of individual coaching for that month.
  7. Special trainings to address your needs or bring new ideas to your programs such as our Seasoned Equine Guided Coaches Circle held every fall.

Program cost:
$3995.00  includes all of the above services.

How do I get started?
Contact Ann or Lynn for an initial conversation to determine if this program is a match for you.


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