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In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge

were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above,

did not speak to people.

He sent certain animals to tell people


that he showed himself through the beasts,

and that from them, and from the stars and the moon,

people should learn.

  Pawnee Chief Lekota-Lese


Discover how horses teach wisdom and knowledge that will transform your effectiveness at work and in life

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"Horses help us to find our nerve, dream and faith."


From a story about Wisdom Horse Coaching in The Suit Magazine, page 19.


 Our Programs

Leadership and Team Development

Take your leadership to the next level

Create high functioning teams

Improve communication 

Navigate quickly through change


 Personal Growth 

Move through the gray territory

of transition into living a full out,

full color life

Spirited Midlife Women

Personal Growth Coaching


Learn from the best

Equine-Guided Professionals

Become a Professional with Us! 

Build an Equine-Guided business

Tune-up your coaching skills







When horses mirror things you don't already know about yourself, new actions are possible

Horses provide an honest mirror that reflects your wisdom and helps you build on your strengths.

Professional coaches bridge the horse/human connection and, through solution-focused inquiry, help you discover a wide range of available choices. Your perspective opens up and right action emerges naturally. Are you a highly functioning corporate leader, team or entrepreneur?

See our Why Horses page for research and references about the extraordinary learning that horses provide.


"Physically interacting with the horse and walking with the horse through the obstacle course created a different experience and memory than just talking about plans. As a result I gained a new perspective on the roles I play in my work in this world. I moved forward more quickly on my action plan and gained confidence that has stuck. Every day, as I follow my dreams, I apply knowledge about myself gained from the time with the horse."

Jenny Pavlovic – Owner and Writer

8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog



 We customize powerful programs to meet your unique needs

We always design programs and activities that meet YOUR unique needs, keeping the results YOU want in mind.  Whether its a workshop or coaching session with the horses or "talk" coaching on the phone, we focus on what you need right NOW! 

Watch the video below of our results:






Are you ready to tap your true potential

through the wisdom of the horses?


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Read an article about Wisdom Horse Coaching in The Atlantic:

Want to Be a Better Worker? Please Consult this Horse


Your Wisdom Horse Coaches

 YYAnn Romberg and Lynn Baskfield, principals of Wisdom Horse® bring you exciting equine-guided workshops and powerful custom training for your personal and professional development. Both coach individuals as well: Ann takes corporate executives to the next level of leadership and Lynn works with midlife women  and others who want to redefine passion and purpose.

In addition, Wisdom Horse works hand-in-hand with other coaches, consultants, OD professionals and others to create equine-guided learning opportunities for a wide range of participants.  Ask us how to provide this resource to your clients.

We connect you with the horses,

“that from them you shall learn wisdom and knowledge.”


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Wisdom Horse Coaching: Learning that STICKS! 


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